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2018 Foaling Season

Last week we shared information on proper colostrum management techniques. This week
Animal Reproduction Systems would like to share some of our foaling products and a new
article on the use of milk calcium and pH for predicting foaling by  Dr. Patrick McCue from the
Colorado State University Equine Reproduction Laboratory.

Foaling Kits from ARS.

When preparing for a new foal, it is recommended that mare owners have specific equipment
and supplies on hand before, during, and immediately after foaling.  There are also times when
an emergency situation occurs where having the right tools on hand can be the difference
between a successful foaling and a tragedy.  The ARS Foaling Kits are a conveneint way to
have these supplies on hand and ready when the day arrives.

Deluxe Foaling Kit
E-Z SqueezeTM Foal Rope

The Madigan Foal Squeeze technique can be used to “wake up” a foal with neonatal
maladjustment syndrome (NMS).  The E-Z Squeeze Foal Rope is 15’ long with a leather
hondo to make the first half-hitch easy to secure. Includes a laminated instruction sheet with
pictures showing the procedure.  ARS recommends that the treatment of foals with NMS
be done under the direction of their veterinarian.

New article in our Archive
ARS would like to share a new article by Dr. Patrick McCue on "Prediction of Foaling".  This article has a wealth of information on several methods available for predicting foaling so owners of expectant mares can sleep better at night.

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