E-Z MixinŽ - "BF" Semen Extender
Standard Formula
• Inexpensive 

• Easy to Prepare 

• Will enhance fertility of most stallions
E-Z Mixin® -"BF" is our "Basic Formula" and contains no antibiotic. It is designed for the experienced veterinarian or breeder who wishes to add his/her own choice of antibiotic(s). E-Z Mixin® -" BF" Extender is recommended when certain pathogens require specific antibiotics or an antibiotic that may enhance survival of spermatozoa from a particular stallion. E-Z Mixin® -"BF" is also used as a centrifugation media for frozen semen operations.
ARS - E-Z Mixin® - “BF” Semen Extender
E-Z Mixin® Semen Extenders are sold individually or in case lots. Each "BF" kit consists of two components: Component A is a plastic bottle of USP purified water and Component B is a hermetically sealed packet containing the dry powder formula.

Animal Reproduction Systems takes great care and pride in the methods used to produce, test, package and store E-Z Mixin® so that customers receive a fresh, quality product. E-Z Mixin® is a perishable milk-based product and requires some special consideration to minimize unfavorable exposures during shipping and after it is received. Excessive heat or extended time without refrigeration may damage the product. As a general rule, ARS recommends that customers use what they order within six months. Fresh batches of extender are produced and stocked throughout the year to support this recommendation.

ARS recommends that the extender be in transit no more than three days. It has been shown that extended exposure to excessive heat may reduce the sperm motility of some stallions. Please select the appropriate shipping method to meet the three day recommendation. The customer should take into consideration the day of the week the product will be shipped when choosing a shipping method.
If your order is shipping out of California and you are ordering items in addition to E-Z Mixin®,  please indicate in the comment section of your order how you would like your semen extender shipped.

Alternatively you may place two separate order, one for the E-Z Mixin® and the other for any additional items that may be shipped via ground service.
Usually ships on next business day
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E-Z Mixin® -"BF", Kit (1 kit, 125 ml)  (Select a shipping method resulting in a transit time of no more than three days.)
E-Z Mixin® -"BF", Case (24 kits/case)  (Select a shipping method resulting in a transit time of no more than three days.)
NOTE: Due to the sensitivity of all milk-based products, return of E-Z Mixin® Semen Extender is not accepted.

E-Z Mixin® Semen Extenders
are sold by the Animal Reproduction Systems division of Dupree, Inc. under exclusive license with the Colorado State University Foundation. The formula for this complete Extender was evaluated by Colorado State University Animal Reproduction and Biotechnology Laboratory.
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