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ARS Update
Animal Reproduction Systems Newsletter
Dear Valued ARS Customers,

This issue of the ARS Update focuses on two new ARS products.

ARS BLUE Semen Extenders

Animal Reproduction Systems is excited to offer a new advanced casein-based stallion semen extender (ARS BLUE™) for the 2013 breeding season. ARS Blue™ can be used as a routine extender for a fresh semen artificial insemination program and/or for use in a cooled-transported semen program. The casein-based extender can also be used for stallions whose semen does not cool well using a traditional Kenney-based extender. The new ARS Blue™ extender has been shown to maintain adequate sperm motility and viability in most stallions evaluated when extended semen was cooled to 5° C for 24 to 48 hours. In addition, a per cycle pregnancy rate of 80 % was achieved after insemination of mares with cooled semen extended in ARS Blue™ extender. Each kit yields 100 ml of extender. More...

ARS BLUE™ may be shipped Ground Service and has no special shipping requirements.

E-Z Cushion Centrifugation Media

E-Z Cushion™ is a centrifugation media designed specifically to maximize equine sperm recovery.  E-Z Cushion™ provides a soft barrier for the sperm pellet  to rest on during this process allowing higher g-force and longer centrifugation times.  Standard centrifugation techniques result in the recovery of up to75% of spermatozoa in the initial sample.  Using a cushion will result in enhanced sperm recovery of greater than 95% without detrimental effects on sperm motility or morphology. More...

ARS continues to develop new and innovative products, meeting the needs and technology changes of the equine industry. Our engineering department works cooperatively with leading universities, private laboratories, and successful horsemen. All of our products are tested individually or by batch sampling to ensure that our customers receive high quality, biologically safe, and easy to use products. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff welcomes your inquiries and the opportunity to be your supplier.

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